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Boeing 747-400 Flight Simulator

Simulator Features & Specifications

Our simulator is a full 1:1 scale fix-based replica of the flight deck of the Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747-400. Every knob, switch, and indicator functions as it does in the real 747 cockpit. Equipped with a 200 degree FOV HD projection system, the simulator can be flown into, out of, and to/from any airport in the world. We've conducted flights as short as 17 minutes and as long as 16 hours! Hundreds of airframe and system failures can also be replicated, just like in a real Level-D simulator!


Full MIP (Main Instrument Panel) with LCD monitors, 100% operating knobs, buttons, and rotary pots, landing gear lever, and pushbutton switch guards where applicable
Fully Functional MCP (Mode Control Panel)
2x Boeing 747-400 EFIS panels with realistic concentric knobs
All-metal Boeing 747-400 throttle quadrant/stand featuring MOTORIZED throttle levers, speedbrake, and trim indicators, realistic fuel control switches, flap lever w/ metal gates, and working thrust reverse levers with mechanical interlock
Fully functional overhead panel (Engine Start switches include solenoids) including all pushbuttons, knobs, rotary pots, machined landing light switches, and pushbutton switch guards where applicable
3x fully functional CDU/FMC units (two below MIP and third ACARS/CMC/Sim Control unit on pedestal)
Full pedestal featuring the following panels: 3x COMM radio, 1x transponder, 3x audio control, 1x autobrake, 1x seatbelt/smoking sign, 1x rudder/aileron trim [with motorized rudder trim indicator], 1x weather radar, 1x WORKING data printer, 1x ACARS/CMC CDU
Correctly tensioned linked yokes from a REAL Boeing 747-400 with operable trim, A/P disconnect, and PTT switches
Mechanically linked rudder pedals (adjustable fore and aft) with functional toe brakes
Functional stick shaker system


100% functional and accurate Boeing 747-400 systems logic simulation
Fully functional Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
Fully functional Predictive Windshear Alert System (PWS)
ACARS/BACARS functionality
Fully customizable weather engine with the ability to replicate any number of conditions (low visibility, rain, snow, windshear, microburst, etc.) as well as operate in live "real world" weather conditions anywhere on the globe, if desired.